Asthi Visarjan in Ganges River, Haridwar

Honour the ultimate tribute to your loved ones! Let the gentle currents of Ganga carry away the ashes with the traditional Asthi Visarjan ceremony, liberating the soul from the mortal cycle (moksha).

At Moura, we propose the exclusive Ash Immersion through Asthi Visarjan in the sacred waters of the Ganges, ensuring that what belongs to nature returns to nature. We facilitate Hindu rituals of Asthi Visarjan both in Haridwar and upstream junction of the two sacred rivers in Devaprayag, Uttarakhand, India straight from Mauritius straight from your door step.


For Hindu families, the immersion of ashes in the holy Ganges holds profound significance. While some may personally undertake this final ritual, others unable to make the journey can contact our services for Ash ceremony at Haridwar or Devaprayag. In such cases, we provide full honors to the departed soul through Asthi Visarjan assistance, adhering to Hindu funeral rites and rituals. The entire ceremony is recorded on video or streamed live, depending on the preferences of the families.

Included in Moura Asthi Visarjan Ceremony in India:

  • Preparation, packaging and paperwork for repatriation of Ashes to India
  • Transportation to Haridwar in India
  • Prasad (holy food comprising fruit with a mixture of yogurt, milk, and honey)
  • Puja Kit (consisting of flowers, incense sticks, millet grains, milk, rice balls, and red vermillion) for ritual
  • Asthi-Visarjan in the holy river Ganga by Pandit (Hindu Brahmin / Priest) with Parivara Gotra (family lineage invocation)
  • Pind Daan (donation of rice balls to nature) and Brahmin Bhoj (donation of food to priest) (service includes gratuity for the priest)
  • Live streaming of all rituals and video is also digitally sent back to the family.
  • Asthi Visarjan certificate delivered from Haridwar to family

For those of different faiths or beliefs, we offer customized ceremonies according to the family’s wishes through our scenic land ash scattering in the Himalayas as well as sea ash scattering at sunset off the coast of Mauritius.

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